View Full Version : Does the 35th anniversary SC have a special engine and what makes it collectable?

10-28-2002, 07:33 PM
by Bill Evanoff

There were 3371 Anniversary edition SCs made in 1990. Though not exactly rare, they are certainly collectable due to uniqueness, their beautiful two-tone paint jobs, special leather/suede interior, special badges, and a host of give-away accessories that came with the cars when delivered to the cars original owner. They did not have a special engine or transmission compared to a non-Anniv. Edition SC of that year. Although saying to your friends that it does have a “special edition”, 250 HP high output engine would likely make them salivate over it all the more. No one would likely doubt you because very few people even know Super Coupes exist. It’s on your conscience.

The accessory package included a suede leather cleaning kit, special black/silver striped floor mats, a car cover, key chain, and a few other "goodies" that I don’t even know about. Those owners interested in learning more about the 35th Anniversary cars are encouraged to join The 35th Anniversary Registry that has started for these cars. There is no cost, and "how to & who to call" information has been given several times in past issues of Chargin’ Thunder.