View Full Version : Another '89 XR7 on the road:)

Chris Ashford
04-19-2012, 04:18 PM
Hi all, it spent 15 years in a barn and the last 2 in my garage (after I bought it) slowly getting pieced back together and finally today it got through the required MOT safety check. It's a 1989 XR7 5 speed with 149,878 original kilometres (about 90,000 miles south of the border) on it. Tune-up kit on it's way from Bill at SCP and next week the tranny is getting redone, 1,2,3 synchro's are done.
Took it for my first decent run today and other than the tranny all felt great.
Will post pics when I a) take some and b) figure out how to upload them here.:)