View Full Version : slow windsheild wipers

Ronald Wendt
05-03-2012, 05:10 PM
somethign else new now that I have it back together. The wipers run maybe 1/2 speed now. What could I have done to cause that to happen? Is there a ground or something I might have missed?



05-04-2012, 09:11 AM
If the car is an early model, the wiper motor probably suffered some water intrusion, especially if it sat outside for awhile without use. The early wiper motors were not designed well and had been reworked at least three times from 89-97. The motor case in the 89-92ish motors was a crimped-together case, where the seams were open and would allow water that seeped around the cowl shaft holes down onto the motor, where it easily made it's way into the motor. Later (93ish, they started putting a plastic shield over the motors which by the looks of junkyard parts, helped some. Later on ...I guess '96, they changed the case design to an epoxy-coated version that seems to be much better. The wiring is a little different, but can easily be made to work on the early cars (this is what I did to fix the sluggish motor on my black car).

So in short, I have had two early SC's and an 89 base model that the motor got sluggish on and eventually would not move at all, especially if it sat unused for some time. With the 96 wiper motor, the wipers are strong and fast. :D