View Full Version : the more cars i drive the more i love my SC

10-29-2002, 01:39 AM
monday : go to another city pick up some papers and a some persons and go back 1.5 hour drive( i work for a lawyer)
vehicle: 1997 land cruiser that thing is slow slow slow has horrible braking and has the cornering of a trailer but is pretty comfortable and the ladys like it

tuesday : go to pick up my cousin to san diego airport and go shooping 8 hour drive
vehicle :mitsubishi eclipse 1993 n/a 1.8l auto: horrible tranny no power no torque no acceleration no power!! the tranny shift when she wans and even when she downshifts theres no power . the cars is so small i barely fit inside
decent handling/braking

wendesday : no work....friend calls and asks to help him pick his dad car in another city 2 hour drive vehicle :
1991 ford festiva no nothing poor braking handling ride comfort only has one side mirror ....the only good thing is it was manual so it moved a little better.....

thursday: take work beater and take it to car wash brake/oil service all day :vehicle:
~~~ 89 escort lx 1.9l auto
who was the idiot designed this thing bad tranny horrible handling bad bad brakes rattles even thing arent supposed to rattle uncomfortable

friday : :D take lawyers
brand new altima 3.5l auto and go pick up her daughter ( damn hot chick ) thi one i liked has more power than the SC more comfortable chicks love i wouldnt mind to drive it daily .excelent handling ride comfort

saturday : v6 mustang 94 friend lets me drive it so i feel the power of a mustang lol
im pretty dissapointed slow as **** i expected more form a mustang decent handling braking

10-29-2002, 01:49 AM
I like those Altima's too, but I haven't driven one. The 5 spd's supposed to be noticeably faster than the auto. It felt faster than your SC? Cool cars. I like them more than the Maxima's. Nissan's doing some things really right lately--and not "ricey".

Mustang's were meant to be V8's. ;) Except for SVO's (cool).

I've only had my SC for a month and a half, but I gotta say, I love it more and more. May not be the fastest, but it is a great all aroiund car. Not the best at anything, but the best combination of all areas. I am so glad I bought it over a new car (and no car note ;)). "Fits" me very well.