View Full Version : pusher fan ??

05-31-2012, 10:10 PM
need to know the wiring for the pusher fan in front of the condenser red/white ? blue ? and obviously black is ground what do I need to do to tie into it to control it manually with a switch ? ive never seen it come on except for during a diagnostics check just wondering if I need a relay etc. im sure it pulls some juice

probably stupid idea I know.. but I would like to do what niebert did any explanation on this process ? "quote"
"Dalke rewired my pusher fan to come on/off whenever the main puller fan does. We used a seperate power supply from battery, and tapped into the main puller fan power wire to trigger a 40 amp relay to power the the pusher fan. Works great and doesn't add extra load to the factory fan wiring"