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10-30-2002, 10:43 PM
I'm am goin to be purchasing a 94 T-bird super coupe with 74,800 miles 5 speed with new clutch and bone stock except for the K&N filter but it's still in the box. I heard things about the head gaskets on these cars being weak, was there a recall on the headgasket? The car is in great condition just needs to be cleaned up. I'm trading my 96 t-bird Lx V8 tomarrow for it. Is there anything that i should worry about. I know that the car has been raced around a little but what sc hasn't. Is there anything that i should check out beforehand? What's kind of mods do these cars respond best to? How do you know if it's got traction control? Do all Sc's have posi? Any help would be much appreciated


10-30-2002, 10:55 PM
I forgot to ask, What is the HP rating on a stock 94 SC with a 5 speed? Where could i get better cats or a set up for no cats? How much difference do the supercharger overdrive pulley's make? Is there any computer chips or anything of that sort that you can buy to up the HP?


Robert Kohlman
10-31-2002, 01:37 AM
First mod is do the exhaust. Get rid of the stock resonator as it is pinched down at the exit. Second get some good free flowing mufflers. You could do high performance cats and that will help out even more.

Once you get some exhaust work done go to work on the intake side. A CAI, Larger MAF, Larger TB and a pulley for the Super Charger will give you noticable power gains.

If you want even more power without opening up the engine headers and even an improved Super Charger and Intake Tube from Magnum Powers or someone else.

The exhaust is necessary and can get expensive. The cheapest bang for your buck is a Super Charger pulley.

Just my .02


10-31-2002, 06:38 AM
Well i think the specs that you are looking for are as follows,
230 HP @4400 RPM 330 lbs./ft. @2500 RPM. you should be running 0 - 60 mph in sub 7 second range, and the 1/4 mile in about 15.2 @ 88 mph... I agree with Robert, Exhaust is the first mod you want to do in your car.... doing the exhaust will extend the life on the head gaskets (less backpressure).. well hope this helps...

10-31-2002, 07:02 AM
Hello. There was in fact a TSB& recall on the '94-'95 models for the head gaskets; as they are weak on all models. The '94+ had felpros, but they sometimes failed.. common failure point is around 100k, but some have gone to 300k w/o problems. Another possible point of failure is in the 5 spd transmission; specifically the fiber-backed synchros. When this car is speed or power shifted, these synchros tend to wear out causing hard shifting &/or gear grinding, usually starting in 1st/2nd gear. Check for this, as a rebuild commonly runs up to $1200.00.. though less expensive options exist. ABS accumulators were eliminated in '93, so this is of no concern. The rear end was switched from a limited slip differential (trac-loc) to an open rear w/traction control in '94, so this is also of no concern. Those power specs for the '94+ models are each about 20 more than previous years, due to minor changes. The last thing I can think of is to check the Supercharger. Be sure it is putting out a minimum of 12psi, this is common. If not, determine the reason, a simple vac leak could explain it. Also listen for abnormal bearing noise.. one suggestion I've seen is to put one end of a socket extension on the nose cone and the 4 corners of the SC, and put your ear to the other end. If you hear grinding, its the bearings. All in all, most things can be accounted for by adjusting the price, as probably nothing on that car will be of significant financial concern, assuming HGs are or have been done. What is the asking price of the vehicle?

10-31-2002, 09:41 PM
So even though my car is a 5 speed it still has traction control? Is there any way to turn the traction control on and off? So with the trac control is it posi? Are the mufflers on these cars far up? I looked underneath a little and i didn't see any mufflers to the rear like on the 96 lx i just traded in. Would it be wise to run no mufflers? I'd rather have no mufflers for the loider sound, more flow, and cheaper price than buying high flow mufflers. I just bought the car today for $5000 and i think it's a steal, body and interior are super straight, shifts great and runs great, i just gotta get used to the 5 speed before i go out and tear up some gears by shifting wrong. I'll try to find out if the hg's have been replaced. I bought the car from a dealer but i know the guy that traded it in so i'm goin call him because i need the entry code and see if he has the keyless entry for it or not. Thanks for your help


11-01-2002, 12:54 AM
actually only the automatic 94/95 sc's had traction control so you don't have to worry about it... however yes it is very easy to turn off :D

for the entry code try checking on the trunk arms

Robert Kohlman
11-01-2002, 01:04 AM
Your factory keyless entry code should be located in the trunk on the left hinge.

Also, I would never run my SC without mufflers. Trust me this V-6 sounds awful without mufflers. If you want economy performance mufflers goto JC Whitneys web-site. They have a straight through design that is pretty good. About $30 apiece. You can also use a muffler as a resonator with good results if you are on a budget. If you don't use a resonator you will get a little bit of a drone at about 1,500 rpms.

I have no resonator and two Magnaflow SS Mufflers and I like the sound of it. But I am also used to driving a supercharged Mustang 5.0 with a full Borla exhaust. The Mustang sounds awesome, somewhat subdued but you know it is not stock. At idle you cannot hear the B&M Blower over the exhaust which gives it a bit of a sleeper effect. Of course the Mustang will suck in my SC and spit it out it's tail pipes at any speed at any time. Imagine a 5.0 with $10,000 in the motor. It runs 12's on street tires.


11-01-2002, 03:08 AM
So does my SC have posi? Someone told me that they thought the code was inprinted in the trunk so that'll make it easier. I figured i'd ask about putting no mufflers or anything before i did anything. We got a Grand national with a straight shot 3" exhaust and it's sounds pretty mean so i was hoping i'd get the same affect outta the old SC. I would at least like to run no cats to free up alot of backpressure, would it be a good idea to run no cats and put a different resonator and high flow mufflers on? Also, what is the little red light on the cousol about, is it an alarm or something? What kind of computer chips are out there for SC's. Thanks for you help


11-01-2002, 04:29 AM
You should check out the FAQs page. I'm just starting to invest in mods myself... apparently the biggest problem with these things is not the 2 cats, but rather the 3rd cat and the resonator (or just the resonator)... not clear how much gain you'll get just by dumping the cats... I'm getting my exhaust done on Monday and going with a mandrell bent 3" cat back, cutting out the middle cat as well as the resonator and going to some kind of high-flow muffler... guess we'll see about the droning as to whether I need to add somekind of resonator back in to it.

11-01-2002, 08:28 PM
The 94 five speed has a trac loc rear end with 2.73 gear ratio.

I have a question too, do all 94-95 sc's have a keyless entry remote?

Also, do all 94-95 sc's have some sort of an alarm system?


11-02-2002, 05:49 AM
according to the sales slip from my t-bird, keyless entry was a $215 option. It looks like the "Theft-Guard" is a dealer installed option, but it shows up as "N/A" on the invoice, which I'm assuming means no charge and not not available.