View Full Version : about the digital dash...a few questions

07-19-2012, 09:10 AM
am i correct in assuming the only model was the LS? and that, only two years? i have a 92 that had the analog dash, and to convert everything over to the digital was a complete pain. it would have been easier to strip the whole car and change both complete wiring harnesses.

its been quite a while since i made this work, but was wondering what could be done to make the digital dash work in an XR-7?

in my process of wiring that project, i also wanted the cornering lamps, the keyless entry, the auto dimming lights and mirror, and the car didnt come with power seats and the other luxury electronic items...so i had to do all that with the dash. very time consuming, and when all said and done, i needed a switch to run the seatbelts, however everything else fell into place.

id really like to have an XR-7, but really like the driver information that came with the LS package


07-19-2012, 09:17 AM
What year XR7?

If it's a 1989 or 1990, the DiscoDash didn't have boost, so I'd be reluctant to put one in without replacing that.

THAT said - if it has the sport dash for a 91-up, it's one more wire from the ECM, programming to turn ON the DOL line (the line you add), and repinning the connector, if I read the EVTM properly.

(That last is a possible conditional).

I'd HIGHLY recommend EVTMs for donor and recipient both, so you can cipher out what does and doesn't change.