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09-01-2012, 03:47 PM
picked up a 94 auto yesterday for my son ... in the process of going through it like we ALL do.. codes i have are koeo- 335 and 332 cel doesnt appear until you get underway... goes away after brief stops surely egr related what would you guys do first ? to diagnose.. about to do the koer. KOER RESULTS= 326-EXHAUST PRESSURE TRANSDUCER CIRCUIT VOLTAGE LOWER THAN EXPECTED 335=EXHAUST PRESSURE TRANSDUCER SENSOR VOLTAGE OUT OF RANGE during koeo definateley related but where do i look ? dpfe maybe?

made the 650 mile trip home okay last leg of trip felt a little sluggish at low speeds as long as you kept rpms up seemed okay.. never tried to die or buck just a weird surgy feeling when tring to go slow like 35 or so. my instinct says plugs wires maybe fuel filter i ran seafoam through the tank

can someone tell me where to find the { D P F E LOCATION / AND IS IT OVAL OR TRIANGLE ELECTRICAL CONNECTION

AND WHILE we are at it what does air bag light flashing 3 followed by 5 times mean ? not stressing over that its intermittant..

abs light illuminated and traction assist stuck on wont change and firm /auto ride doesnt respond could all these be related ?

thanks for any ideas

09-01-2012, 06:45 PM
None of these codes are related..DPFE should be behind the Intake, with 2 hoses going to it..Air bag light, is PROBABLY{according to the flashes} A steering wheel clock spring{for the air bag}
ABS light? Hmm, could be a bad rear wheel sensor but would be nesc to diagnose w/a tester...Trac control is tied to the ABS, to sense wheel slip{Rear}..Hope it helps, somewhat?

09-02-2012, 03:08 PM
took off egr hose sucked on it car died like its supposed to 335 and 326 codes remain - whatever an exhaust pressure transducer is.. cel doesnt come on after starting or idling just when underway.. also at part throttle just cruising lower speeds i feel some hesitation everythings good when accelerating or wot . wires are the only thing i can figure needs changing for the low speed hesitation and very minimal missing at idle plugs are fresh so that shoudnt be the issue.. throttle body cleaned .all orifices i could reach were cleaned and blown out .. i found the dpfe cant see how it could be replaced without removing things i would love to check hoses to the dpfe but absolutely no way to see them much less get to them ..