View Full Version : 2012 Shootout shirts

Cat Girl
09-13-2012, 12:35 PM
I have to place the order for the shirts on the 20th of September, so if you are putting off registering or think you might want one, please let me know before then as I am not ordering many extras. If you need a kid sized shirt, PM or email me as i have an option for that this year.


09-15-2012, 02:26 PM
Any idea on cost for one? Depending on how the bills stack up, I'll probably be in for one :)

Rodeo Joe
09-18-2012, 07:45 PM
You can put me down for an XL! :)


09-19-2012, 05:00 PM

Hopefully you'll see this before the deadline :) I'd like one large and one 2-XL


09-19-2012, 09:54 PM
I have yet to register because im not sure if im briging the SC or not but i WILL be there already paid for a room etc. XL For me!

Cat Girl
10-13-2012, 07:54 PM
I have had several people asking for shirts and to make it cost effective I need to order at least 25 shirts. I have 8 on the list as of right now, so if you would like a shirt, PM me or send an email and I will keep you updated if there is a possibility of this happening. Cost with shipping will be $23 per shirt, 2xl and 3xl are $2 more.

10-13-2012, 09:04 PM
Hi Connie

What do they look like? I'll probably take a few


Douglas Walker
10-15-2012, 05:28 PM
ill take 1L and lXL

10-15-2012, 07:50 PM
If you have it I'd like one XL, LMK where/how you want $X amount sent!

10-26-2012, 10:40 PM
Hi Connie I've sent you messages about the 5 shirts I was suppose to pick up at the shootout. My truck broke (cracked block), I think the 185 registration fee was suppose to cover 1 shirt. Let me know Thanks, Rob