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11-27-2012, 01:39 PM
With a foot of snow arriving this week I thought about upgrades.

Pulled this off Charles site to compare what I had accomplished.

DD did similar back I think 07-08 and wanted to bring forward for others.

Kinda like Damons Rim Annual:)

Stage I


: Dual 2 " exhaust, or
Dual 2 " to single 3 " to Dual 2 x 2 "


: Magnum Powers MP Extreme (MPx) Supercharger w/ Intake Plenum
Magnum Powers 85mm Throttle Body
Magnum Powers Cold Air Intake
C&L 85mm MAF (Requires custom tune)


:Stock Intercooler with Fan


: Stock Heads
Stock Cam
42 pound Fuel Injectors
Motorcraft Sparkplugs gapped at .032"
Magnum Powers 10 rib 15% SC/JS Pulley Kit
MP Belt Tensioner Springs on upper and lower belts


:195LPH Fuel Pump

Expected HP


My build


Same as above


S Port
MP Plenum
Stock Intake
70 Maf -73 TB
No tune
Rich enough to cover computer and printer with plastic
(it was spewing):eek:


KW Dbl with fan


Ported Heads
520 Cam with 1.8 Rockers
42 lb injectors
Plugs gapped at 43
Approx 15% overdrive


195 LPH Pump


Dyno 305-375

I know this is 4-5 yrs old technically but thought I would give it a shot.

Any current wins and losses. (past-present)


David Neibert
11-27-2012, 02:24 PM
70 Maf -73 TB


I wasn't aware there was a 73mm TB. I think you meant 70mm TB and 73mm MAF. Either way, the easiest way to make more power on your motor is probably by opening up the inlet side of the supercharger.

At a minimum you need a 76mm MAF and 75mm TB with a 3" intake pipe. An 87mm MAF and 85mm TB with a 3.5" intake pipe would be even better.


11-27-2012, 07:13 PM

Tks for the correction.

I always seem to put the cart before the horse.

Post was just put up there for conversation.

Intake on the next revision will be 95's and 4".
Plenum just has to be welded up.

Planned changes will handle the MPX.

Intact manifold has been designed to handle both blowers.

If I plate it for the TVS then I'm into a bigger commitment that I'm not convinced I have the time for right now.

What was at the ShootOut was quick and dirty cause I thought it would run without a tune.

Motor had 200 miles on it when I went south and was just glad to get it home in one piece.