View Full Version : GTS.ORG/SCCoA Carlisle 2013 Mini Power Tour Convoy

01-17-2013, 02:33 AM
I will be leaving home in Kansas on Wednesday the 6th.
Meeting up with a Gran Torino buddy in Kansas City, he is coming out of Omaha.
We are traveling to Louisville Kentucky on Wednesday.
Meeting a large group of Gran Torino guys from south and other points for the night at another Gran Torino guy's place. Dinner/BBQ pre-party etc.
Working on a local hotel for the night there.
Thursday morning we are all convoying together from Louisville to Carlisle.

On the way home the crew is leaving out on the same route back, some heading their own way, some driving straight through not stopping in Louisville, other stopping for an overnight too.

Sort of our own little Power Tour to Carlisle.
ANYONE interested in joining us at ANY point along the way?

Dee and I might be heading east from Carlisle to Massachusetts to pick up my daughter and bring her back out to Kansas with us. She is going to K-State next year!!! Might look to convoying east with anyone going that way too??