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03-25-2013, 08:57 PM
Some of you might have seen my post last year about parts I had sitting around after tearing down my 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6L (heavily modified) dream car for financial reasons. Getting back on my feet was not easy but I can say through a lot of hard work and many sacrifices, I'm back where I should be and currently looking for another Tbird project car. I do still have some good, used items laying around that might help some of you start or continue a spring project on your MN12 Thunderbird. This is almost everything I have but please do feel free to for smaller items I might not have listed from the 97. I should have everything listed for the 90 SC and there is nothing left from the 95 SC. All prices are negotiable and shipping is available for smaller items. Pick up only please for the larger and heavier items. A lot has sold on here and eBay over the winter and met some great Thunderbird fans but this is the most updated list. Thanks for looking and long live the Thunderbird.

1997 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6L sohc, Black Exterior/Grey Leather Interior
113,000 Miles
Complete Rebuilt 4R70W Transmissions with Reman Torque Converter $850 each (2 for sale)>>> 1 SOLD
ABS pump with Bracket, Power Brake Booster, Master Cylinder $70>>>SOLD
3rd Brake Light Carpeted Cover $10>>>SOLD
Hood Release Cable $15
Rear View Mirror $10>>>SOLD
Rear Differential Sensors (2) with Ring and Pinion $80
A/C Heater Knobs (3) $10 of all 3
EGR Valve Sensors (2 for sale) $15>>>SOLD 1
Seat Belt Grey Buckles and Latches (8 total) $90>>>SOLD
Speaker Adapter Plates (2) $10
Hood Latch with Lever $10>>>SOLD
Spare Tire/Wheel with carpet cover $40
Wiper Transmission, Motor, Arms, Cowl Covers $60>>>>>>>SOLD
Grey (Power Driver) Leather Front Seats $120 for the pair>>>>>>>SOLD
Rear Leather Seats (2 Piece) $60>>>>>>>SOLD
Rear Tail Light Harness $30>>>SOLD
Rear Speaker Insulation $10
Rear 3rd Brake Light Housing with harness $20>>>>>>>SOLD
Cruise Control Buttons/ Connectors $10>>>>>>>SOLD
Dome Light Housing with harness $20>>>>>>>>SOLD
Speedometer Assembly $20>>>>>>>SOLD
Grey Passenger Air Bag $20>>>>>>>SOLD
Grey Glove Box Assembly $20>>>>>>>SOLD
Black Side Mirrors (2) $25>>>>>SOLD
Headlight Switch $10>>>>>>>SOLD
Washer Fluid Bottle (2 for sale) $10 each>>>>>>>>1 SOLD
Horn Assembly $5>>>>>SOLD
Oil Dip Stick $5
Ignition Coil Mounting Bracket $5
Transmission Flexplate (8 Bolt) $70>>>>>>>SOLD
Transmission Flexplate Cover $15
Transmission Dipstick/Tube $15>>>>>>>SOLD
Oil Pick Up Tubes (01 Mustang GT) (96 Tbird 4.6) $15 each
Oil Filter Adapter $10>>>>>SOLD
Upper Intake Plenum $15>>>>>>>SOLD
Complete Brake Set (Baer Decela rotors, Calipers, Ceramic Pads,
Stainless Braided Brake Hoses, Hardware) 500 Miles On All $325 ($1000 new)>>>>>>>SOLD
Mass Air Flow Sensor (2001 Mustang GT) $20>>>>>>>>SOLD
Plastic Vent Rain Guards (new) $15 >>>>>>>SOLD
Air Conditioning Condenser $15
Grey Rear Speaker Covers $15 for the pair>>>>>>>SOLD
Grey Trunk Latch Trim $10
Grey Trunk Carpet $20>>>>>>>SOLD
Front Bumper Plate Holder$10>>>>>SOLD
Front Bumper Cover (Black) $50>>>>>>>SOLD
Front Bumper Under Panel $10
Rear Bumper Cover $40 >>>>>>>SOLD
Complete Exterior Trim $30 >>>>>>>SOLD
Driveshaft with rear yolk and safety loop $45
Grey Full Carpet $35>>>>>>>SOLD
Grey Dashboard with Windshield Vent $75
Automatic Transmission Shifter with cable (Black) $20>>>>>>>SOLD
Center Console (with cup holders) $40>>>>>>>SOLD
Black Complete Doors (including windows, motors, regulators) $110 for pair
Rear Subframe Assembly $75
Rear Sway Bar (non sport) $25
Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms (4 total) $90
Complete Evap/ Heater Core Box $60
Front Sway Bar (non sport) $25
Door Weather Striping (2) $40
Power Brake Booster, Master Cylinder, ABS Pump $70>>>>>>>SOLD
ABS Pump Bracket $10
Rear Sway Bar Link with Polyurethane Bushings (new) $25>>>>>SOLD
Blue Hood, good condition, needs paint $40
True Dual 3 Custom Exhaust With Flowmaster Mufflers (500 miles) $275 ($900 new)>>>>>>>SOLD
Trunk Lid (near perfect) $95
Front Fenders Driver/Passenger $50 for the pair>>>>>>>SOLD
Radiator/Fan Assembly $35
Stock Tire Iron and Jack $15>>>>>>>SOLD
Rear Lower Body Side Moldings $30 for the pair...SOLD
Rear 1/4 Windows Driver/Passenger $50 for the pair
Rear Defroster Complete Glass $60
Throttle Cable $15>>>>>SOLD
Cruise Control Module/Cable $35>>>>>SOLD
Steering Wheel/Column (black, no air bag) $60 >>>>>>>SOLD
Steering Wheel (black, no air bag) $20>>>>>SOLD
Fuel Neck/Tube/Cap/Tank/Straps $75
Door Jamb Switches (2) $5 >>>>>>>SOLD
Steeda Oil Separator $20>>>>>>>SOLD
ABS Module $35
Exhaust Manifolds (1996) $25
Turn Signal Switch (2) $10 used, $15 new>>>>>>>SOLD (new)
Gas Pedal Assembly $15>>>>>>>SOLD
Brake Pedal Assembly $25>>>>>>>SOLD
Parking Brake Pedal Assembly $15>>>>>>>SOLD
Dash Board Skeleton $20
Exhaust Manifolds (2001 Mustang GT) $20>>>>>>>SOLD
Mass Air Flow Sensor (2001 Mustang GT) $30>>>>>>>SOLD
Rear Interior C Pillar Trim Panels (large left and right) $70 for both
Interior Wiring Harness (no headlamp module) $145
Metal Fuel Lines to Engine and Filter $80
Metal Brake Lines to ABS Pump $25
Interior A Pillar Trim (left and right) $30 for both
Charcoal Canister $20
Stock Coil Springs (set of 4) $40

1990 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe 3.8L SC, Dark Blue Exterior/ Dark Blue Leather Interior
85,000 Miles

6 Piece Side Skirt Set $40>>>>>>>SOLD
2 Piece Rear Seat (fold down) $55
Dark Blue Side Mirrors (2) $30
Horn Assembly $10>>>>>SOLD
Mass Air Flow Sensor $15>>>>>>>SOLD
Ignition Coil Pack $10>>>>>SOLD
Ignition Module $10>>>>>>>SOLD
Wiper Motor $20 >>>>>>>SOLD
Starter Solenoid $5
Left Rear Tail Light $10>>>>>>>SOLD
Rear Defroster Switch $10
Left Rear Tail Light $10>>>>>>>SOLD
Passenger Inside Chrome Door Handle $10
Automatic Dimmer Switch $10
Antenna Switch $10
Rear View Mirror Highbeam Sensor $10
Front Bumper (no SC emblem) $45
Rear Bumper $55
Alternator $25>>>>>>>SOLD
Emergency Brake Handle $15>>>>>>>SOLD
Driver Door Button Trim $10
2 Painted SC Wheels $40 for the pair>>>>>>>SOLD
Driver/Passenger Glass $50 for the pair
Glove Box $20>>>>>>>SOLD
Chrome Wheel Center Caps(4) $30>>>>>>>SOLD
Stainless Steel Center Caps(4) $40
Front Strut Tower Covers(2) $10>>>>>>>>SOLD
Front Head Rest (Blue Leather) $10
Front Power Seat Switches $15

1995 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe 3.8L SC Black Exterior/Grey Leather Interior
6 Piece Side Skirt Set $65>>>>>>>SOLD
Front Bumper $65>>>>>>>SOLD
Rear Bumper $65>>>>>>>SOLD

03-25-2013, 09:01 PM
Really help if the sold items were removed.

For the 97 there are 94 items list, but only 39 available.

For the 90 there are 29 listed, but only 15 available.

For the 95 there are 3 listed and 0 available.

That means a person that reads at 1 second per line item spends over 2 minutes reading the items to find out that out of the 126 items listed 54 are available.

03-25-2013, 11:29 PM
Wow what a response.


03-26-2013, 01:03 AM
Really help if the sold items were removed.

+1. Or, move all the sold stuff to the bottom of the list so we can get through the list quickly.

04-03-2013, 09:06 PM
I was updating an old post for guys, sorry for a confusion and mess but I left what was SOLD so people don't ask for something I don't have anymore (happened many times already) and to show things have sold and I'm not some new guy on the block with only a few items left from the 5 Tbirds I've own over the years. I'll edit this post soon. Thanks for the advice. Brian

04-14-2013, 12:45 PM
I have a 94 LX 4.6 32V 4R70 . It's Black, a project I've been working on for quite a while and would be willing to sell if you are interested. let me know I'll send you details and photos.

04-14-2013, 01:09 PM
I also have a 96 LX 4.6 4R70, Red/grey cloth. Both cars are approximately 60-70% completed drivers with many modifications. I will sell either or both for a fair price.