View Full Version : Engine Rebuild. Need opinions for parts

11-07-2002, 05:12 PM
Ok I've decided to rebuild my engine over the winter (I was originally just going to finish the HG job but I found reasons to rebuild it) and I need a few opinions about parts. First of all I want to put in a cam. My goal is to get 275-300hp to the wheels (after the usual bolt ons). What cam should I go with. I'm also putting in roller rockers and new pushrods. I measured the rods and cam up with 5/16 in dia and about 7.2 in long is this about right? I've also heard that some cams recommend shorter rods. Are there any cheap upgrades to the bottom end I should do while its apart (I'm going to have the block cleaned and honed, it got a little water in it and has some rust not real bad but just to be safe). I also plan on replacing the timing set and rings/bearings. I thought about ARP studs (head, rod and main), would they be necessary or should I do it to be sure.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
This car has been sitting for almost a year and a half and I'm getting close to putting it back together.

I need to add one more thing. SHould I port the heads while there off (i plan on getting ported exh manifolds). And how hard would this be to do (I have never attempted this kind of thing). Or how much for a good port job at a machine shop? Any help there would be great Thanks.

11-08-2002, 03:35 AM
For some reason it seems pretty hard to get info on this sort of thing out of people. I am in the same process right now and haven't found too much out there. You may want to look at the stroker kits out there on Morana's website. If you have the money, that would be a good way to start out. Your short block would already be at the max for power and the rest would just be bolt on stuff when you could afford it. I would not try anything with the heads if this if you are not very experienced, these things are a pain to work with, which is why people are getting a grandto work with them. Someone on this site has placed some before and after pictures on porting the SC and manifolds. Just do a search on PORTING and it will be there. There is also someone with a fairly stock stroked 4.2 that posted their dyno up. Do a search on DYNO STROKER and you'll find it. Good Luck.

11-08-2002, 04:07 AM
Thanks for your reply. I have looked through moranas site and only see a few things that interest me. Maily because the stroker kits are too expensize and they use a cast crank (won't hold up under 12+ lbs of boost). I need something reliable. I'm pretty confident of the stock bottom end my main focus are the heads/valvetrain/cam right now. It seem whenever I'm not looking for this kind of info it is everywhere. My father is supposed to teach me a bit about porting so I may just wait on that. Thanks again for your reply, if your needing any help let me know I may have an answer (or can get one).