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05-10-2013, 12:44 PM
So i've decided to part my car... It have too much rust underneath and is totally scrap. But i'm sure i can help people here with parts that are still good

1- it have a brand new engine that i only fired twice. I dont think i will ship a complete engine but if you want head manifold sensor anything !
2- SCP 5% jackshaft OD for sale dont know the price right now
3- B&M ripper shifter like new less than 10k
3- SCP electric IC fan never used brand new!
4- brand new napa CVjoint,rear brake, and rear handbrake cable(the short that plot on the caliper)
5-SCP motor mount like new put them with the new engine never been abused (that make me want to cry)
6-scp brand new radiator hose wasnt put on the car at the moment ive put the new engine so theyre new!
7-BORLA resonator 2x 2 1/2'' to 1x 3''
8- A/C delete kit like shown on many post with modified bender strap and pulley
9-probably forgetting things the car is complete the seats are thorn theres nothing to do with those... it have grey interior

So if you need something just tell me im not working right now so i have the time to do it! im in canada if you want fast answer then message directly to my email: [email protected]

05-10-2013, 02:39 PM
Email has been sent!