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Ira R.
06-08-2013, 09:15 AM
Autometer Gauges Carbon Fiber 2 1/16" in diameter
Set of 3 gauges. These fit nicely into the standard gauge pods.

Electronic Boost with memory (autometer #4777)
Water Temp (autometer #4732)
Oil Pressure (autometer #4721)

Just removed from car, new they would cost you about $360 for the set. Looking to sell them as a set so $225.00 takes all three, shipping included.

PM or email to ira dot robinson at gmail dot com

Sorry for my poor camera skills.

Ira R.
06-10-2013, 11:52 AM

I can't believe that over 100 people have viewed this post and nobody needs a set of gauges!?? These are great gauges guys and I am willing to cut someone a really good deal!! These guages included all sending units and are good to go and they are priced right fellows. I'm listing at almost 40% off retail.

Rumor has it that these gauges may add as much as 13 rwhp to your vehicle perfomance! :rolleyes: Well, so okay, maybe not so much. But they really look cool and that counts for something! =lol=


Ira R.
06-12-2013, 06:18 AM