View Full Version : Oil Pan Gaskets

06-21-2013, 12:46 PM
I know the 3.8 uses RTV for the long runs (sides) of the pan and a rubber strip for the rounds at either end.

Wondering if anybody has used their pan to make a rubber (or other material) gasket that would enable cleaning and slipping the gasket in from the side, perhaps after coating it top and bottom to assure a good leak proof seal.

This is intended to provide for resealing the pan without dropping the pan completely (vie engine removal or K frame drop) to address a leaky oil pan.

Any thought, objections, problems, etc...

I would gladly do this myself except I don't have a loose pan for the template.

If someone who does have a loose pan would be willing to cut these pieces and mail them to me I would gladly pay a reasonable fee and report back here on the success/failure of the concept.

TIA, for faster response reply to cgates@medousadotcom.