View Full Version : For Trade '95 ThunderBird SuperCoupe 5-Speed

06-24-2013, 08:11 PM
I'm just south of ATL

Car is Electric-Current red, Gray leather, No Sun-roof

Will trade up or down (+/- cash on my end) Looking for something interesting.
Brand doesn't really matter; but I don't want a Kia
Stick-shifts a plus (no mn12's though)

**Also interested in projects, old "barn-fresh" projects a plus; but will need to be something interesting

I'm selling here: (See link for pictures) http://www.sccoa.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130415


I truly want it to go to someone who appreciates it and will maintain it.

I need it gone soon, so who ever is the first to come to get it with a decent amount of cash or trade will get it.

I'm at full disclosure about the car so I don't waste anyone's time.

The car as it is now:


Great interior, (minor imperfections at the top of the rear seats from sun damage, and bottom of the driver's seat needs to be resewn)

No Sunroof (from what I hear, that's rare)

Electric Current Red (also rare)

New radio

3% (I think) pulley (off of a 89-93 SC) I put the 89-93 SC belt on it and it fits well.

New headlights, bulbs and headlights themselves

Hella fogs (hardwired to be on with lowbeams)

New belts

The BAD:

RUST.... Had it looked at by my friend who is a mechanic and he says it's not really bad at all. It's "surface" stuff not causing structural damage. However, where the ground effects connect to the rocker-panels has deteriorated (a common problem I think) I re-secured the side-skirts to each-other and it looks brand-new from the outside

Odometer is broken, it indicates 99,108. The previous owner said to add about 30,000. I looked at the vehicles history and remember thinking that is plausible.

The Check Engine Light is on. I tried to decode it myself but, it didn't work.
I can't find an autoparts store that has an OBD-1 Diagnostic Tester

***EDIT I figured out how to do an Engine-Off diagnostic. I received code 214; a fault in the Distributorless Ignition System (DIS)
Car has new plugs and wires though.
The CEL is on about 50% of the time. Not depending on how long the car has been running

Paint has some imperfections, but decent for the original paint of a 17 y.o. vehicle. Only fading is on the rear bumper

I've had the balancer re-injected with new rubber because it had been causing the engine to vibrate. It's back on and there is still a TINY vibration, but I'm guessing a completely new balancer should do the trick.

Second gear needs synchos, but I've learned to drive it pretty easily. Down shifting is difficult, but doable.

The shifting isn't as tight as it should be. That problem needs to be fixed when the tranny is worked on.

It's perfectly drivable as is, for it has been my daily-driver. :)

PM me if interested