View Full Version : larger longblock?

11-13-2002, 03:28 AM
my dad has been in the SC scene for longer than i have and he says that some people have gone to a bigger longblock. like one from a supercharged mustang or soemthing.. he says that Dr. Fred has reccomended it and its the way to go for the HP. i was wondering what kind of information i can get on this block like what size is it? wherei can get one? how easy it is to instal.. and what would i have to change out to put the longblock in? would it all fit under the hood with no engine mount mods?

so basically any information on what this bigger longblock is, how they fit into an SC, and where i can get one, and also what kinda incrase in power and torque would/could i expect from one of these blocks?


James Kanteraki
11-13-2002, 09:46 PM
first off, i haven't read anything about what you are talking about.

you might be trying to talk about making the 3.8 into a 4.2. I think this is where Dr. Fred comes in "too much timing for sea level" ha. Any way if thats the case, repost with question on conversion from 3.8 to 4.2 and you'll get responses and try www.morana.com or something like that.

But you might be talking about the new SVT cobra engine. Its a 4.6, and since 94 up birds came with a 4.6 it should slide right in with proper engine mounts and a hole in the hood or other modification. But i'm no expert with this and i don't think anyone here has done this yet. With this, expect about hmm a MONUMENTAL increase in power. HP goes up about 200 and Torque increases by about 100, stocker to stocker. Then you going to want the trans that comes with the cobra engine. cause whatever you have ain't gonna last. ohh yeah you will need all the wiring and computer and stuff. Theres people who can tell you where to find the complete long block, and its like 13000. yeah thirteen thousand.
i don't want to bore you anymore.

Ohh and you might want to hang around the board for a bit like 3 months before you start upgrading. by that time you will just have enough info about the bird to be dangerous, and the price of stuff will likely come down some more.