View Full Version : Who is trailering their SC?

12-26-2013, 08:08 PM
So I am debating on registering my SC for the event since I wanted to drive my pickup so I can bring back some large goodies if I find them. I am looking to buy a hood for my SC and rims for my f-150 if I drive it up there I will have no way of getting them home unless I trailer the SC. I was looking on CL for a used car trailer and I am confident I can buy a decent one for around $1300 but I would rather use that for mod money especially since my SC isnt a trailer queen and I probably will not use the trailer that much. Is anybody from the NY area bringing a pick-up that might have room for a hood in it. I can always pick it up for your house the weekend after the show? I guess I could always rent a car trailer from U-Haul but I hate U-haul and have always had problems with them in the past...