View Full Version : Having tranny issues

11-14-2002, 05:19 AM
I'm posting for a friend on another car forum so I hope ya'll can help us out. This is what he posted= A week ago I bought a 95 T-bird V8 and i believe i have the 4R70W tranny.Yesterday i noticed a problem,every time i floor it the tranny has a hard time gettin out of 1st gear but still does afta hesitation with a huge knock and sometimes the rear tires chirp.When i drive normal the tranny shifts into 2nd with a slight knock,then when i come upon a red light and just when im about 2 come 2 a complete stop theres a knock like i shifted into R or N,when the light turns green and i start accelerating slowly i get the same knock as when i almost come 2 a complete stop. Im clueless about transmissions, any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced guys.