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02-21-2014, 01:16 AM
Here are my impressions, in no particular order.

It's not a new phenomenon, but at this show there were a LOT of teenagers and twentysomethings with iPads running around pestering you to enter all sorts of contests. Quite annoying really. I liked the show better when it was put on by dealerships and real salesmen were there. It's gone back to being a manufacturer's show with marketing students all over the place. At least some of them are hot chicks but they know nothing about cars.

Parking at the convention centre is $28 for the full day. Be warned.

On to the cars....

Manufacturers that are dead, gone, never been, or just MIA:
Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Opel, Holden, Vauxhall, Bugatti, Pagani, KoenigseggeggeggeggeggABBAeggeggeggegg, and who knows how many others...

Three Buicks are American made Opels: Regal is the Opel Insignia, Verano is the Opel Astra, and some small SUV I can't remember. Something like that. Just offhand, I'd say Buicks are actually the best designed and best built GM cars.

I think Volvo and Bitchyoumissme have left America, but are still alive and kicking here. Speaking of, Volvo has a 350hp version of their turbo 6 cylinder 3.0L T6 engine in their S60. I'd like to see a race between one of them and a BMW 335. Otherwise, Volvos are a little, meh. Nice cars but as a company they don't seem to be trying vary hard. Not sure who owns Volvo now.
I'm not impressed by anything Bitchyoumissme offers. Yeah yeah, Evo this Evo that blah blah. Evos are $52000 and just as boxy and plasticky as the other Mitsus.

Inflation: Fiat 500s are now $30,000, still the size of roller skates and still made in Mexico.
More inflation: A Range Rover costs $202,000. Nicely built and fully loaded, but, jeez.

Acura is replacing the TL with the TLX. What Acura is starting to do is make cars that are hybrids, but use the batteries to power DC motors to add to the power provided by the engine under hard acceleration. McLaren is doing the same thing with their new 930hp P1.

Normally I consider hybrids to be rubbish. Too much technology and too expensive for too little gain. But I found the Toyota Prius V to be fairly roomy inside, not like another econobox.

I'm glad to see more diesels on the market. The redesigned Mazda 6 is an example. I like the Mazda 3 as an alternative to Golfs and Civics, but otherwise Mazda is just, meh, like Volvo. Whatever happened to the RX-8 anyway?

Ultimate drug dealer car: Cadillac Escalade. Stupid touch sensor instruments. Just like the Ford Exploder, and all Lincolns.

Speaking of, Lincoln is the one car division that needs to die. Now. Lincolns used to be fine, proud cars. The Continental, Town Car, and Mark 8. Now they're copies of the Confusion and Taurus. Ugh. Bury that division call it a day. An example of a car maker making a radical change and winning is the Porsche Cayenne. An example of the same thing and losing is the Lincoln pickup truck. Epic fail. Congratulations Ford, you ~~~~ed up.

Did Ford do anything right? Oh ya! 2015 Mustang. NIIIIIIIIIICE. IRS finally! 425hp (estimated). A redesign to make it more upmarket but still look like a Mustang. Two prototypes were at the show, locked up. Can't wait to see it in dealerships.

2015 C7 Corvette: Yeah, Stingray, whatever. To me it's a C7 Vette and to me it's overstyled. Too many lines and those quad fartcannons, like ~~~. The C6 was more graceful. That's the exterior styling. The interior is NICE. There's even a FANTASTIC storage compartment to hide your WEED. I won't tell you where it is. As technically brilliant as the car is, it still has a douchey disco image that started in the 1970s.

Speaking of technical brilliance, there was a Nissan GT-R. Very race-like interior, and an exterior that's (in my opinion) one of the FFFUGLIEST in the business. More discordant, pointless lines and creases than an origami figurine, and a carbon fibre rear spoiler that only a rice-boy high on Red Bull could love.
I asked why they had no Maximas there. Chick in tight pants told me they only wanted to show cars they had done major changes to, like the NISMO Juke. And the return of the Micra, now made in Mexico. Thankfully I didn't see any Cubes there.

Speaking of FUGLY....Chevy Camaro. The backside has been redesigned so it doesn't look sickening anymore, just boring.

Good news: The 2015 Challenger WILL have a redesigned interior, similar to the Charger's. And a 6.2L supercharged V8. Like Neo said, woah.
The Chrysler 200 has been very nicely redesigned, and with the 3.6L Pentagram engine it's probably decently quick. I think the Dodge Dart is a more stylish alternative to most European and Asian boxes like Jettas and Sentras.

Porsche was there for the first time since 2008. A 911 Turbo S is only $208,000. And they're pushing their new SUV, the Macau, Macarena, whatever.

More good news: Maserati has a new model out. The Ghibli, Gimli, whatever. $76000 bucks and the inside and outside are truly automotive art. Like a Brioni suit, you're not just IN the car, you FEEL it. Like Eric Cartman said, sweeeeet.

Kia: Ehhhhh.....why does this division of Hyundai exist? If ever someone gave me a ride in a Soul, I'd pull my shirt over my face to hide myself.

Infinitis are no longer Gs or Ms, they're all Qs. And the Q50 and 60 are nice redesigns of the G sedan and coupe.

Jaguars have very intelligent seats. By that, I mean the seats have evolved their own intelligence, like Skynet. On the new F type, when you adjust the power seats a bit, the car then adjusts the seats to somewhere else. And on the XF, you can only move the seat about 2mm at a time. So to adjust the seat you have to press the switch over and over 10 or 20 times. And the XJ has a fairly cramped interior considering how large the car is. Typical Jags. A for design, F for engineering.

I had high hopes for the new Mercedes S Class, but being inside it was a little underwhelming. I guess having the key and starting up all the Star Trek electronics would be impressive. I did however like the E63 A lot. Who wouldn't? Roomy inside and 18 megatons of power and torque.

Good: New larger Chevy Impala. Bad: No Impala SS in Canada. Very Bad: No V8 option. Very Very Bad: GM has no cars with V8s at all any more, except the Corvette. The Cadillac CTS-V hasn't been made since December.

BMW=Break My Wallet. They're well styled and probably great fun to drive, but inside they just don't feel like luxury cars. Audis and Mercedes are definitely better in this regard.

On lots of cars it seemed like my line of sight and the steering wheel and the gauges weren't quite lined up right. I guess my head is offset to one side on my shoulders. And some sporty seats like on the Nissan 370Z were a little too narrow for my ~~~. And my ~~~ isn't very big either, despite what Wayne might say.

Armour-All was giving away clean-wipes and air fresheners. I grabbed 50 of each.

Greg Coleman
02-23-2014, 10:26 AM
How did you like the new 2015 f-150 and the new edge?

02-23-2014, 10:35 AM
This is a great vid on the new F-150... Me likey!!!


02-27-2014, 12:22 PM
I didn't look too close at the pickup trucks. Or The Edge. I guess he's still with U2.

The F150 is still my favourite amongst pickup trucks. Ford sells a million of them every year. They must be doing something right. But the GMC/Chevy truck won some award recently too. But my favourite development is that Dodge is putting a 3.0 V6 diesel in their 1500 Ram. It's about time someone put a diesel in a half ton truck. Pickups are great except they suck a ton of fuel and are a pain to drive and park in the city.

The small SUVs aren't any roomier inside than your typical full size sedan or station wagon. That's why I like my Taurus wagon. It can carry long items like bikes and couches easier than cars like the Edge or Tiguan or CR-V.