View Full Version : Jun 14, Sat, Fun Ford Weekend

05-25-2014, 12:03 PM
As of now I plan on attending, I'm not sure if I going to enter the car show, bracket class or both. If I enter the car show I want to keep my Saleens on the car but if I drag race then I'll have the slicks on. I don't want to enter the car show with the slicks on and I don't want to race with the street tires so I have some thinking to do. The 2 classes below are what I could enter so I might try the street tire class and car show together. I've always wanted to know what I could do in street trim/tires...........probably a high 12...................:(

QUICK FORD / BRACKET 2 (No Electronics) 7:00 19:99 Slicks & No Electronics
DOT / STREET TIRE Any Dial-In DOT Street Tires and Mufflers required, No Electronics