View Full Version : She finally did it....

06-16-2014, 09:06 PM
Made me mad. Owned SCs for more years then I care to count, but pulled the 89 out of the garage after sitting all winter and put a new wheel hub on her and she thanked me by running pig rich and not allowing either of my code readers to get a code nor me putting a paper clip in getting the CEL to flash, but the CEL stays on the entire time she is running.

Both Testers just give a solid tone, I cant get a good ground to get them to stop.

Wideband is reading 7 to 7.9 while driving and she is extremely rich at idle also. Unplugged the MAF no change, Pulled the QH1 and cleaned it, but no change.

Not being able to pull the codes is killing me. Just replace O2s last fall, so they don't have 1000 miles on them, but I bet they are plugged up now. Afraid to run it too long as I don't want to kill the O2s or the wideband.


06-17-2014, 09:05 AM

It's not her fault. :eek: DD schooled me on the battery and its life expectancy when stored in the car.:) I thought it only used the battery when the car battery was too low to charge, but no it uses the battery when the ignition key is in the off position. :rolleyes:

Will be reloading the tune tonight (have to get Clint to send a new code as had to reload windows over the winter) and seeing if it holds the tune. If not, then it's new battery and reloading the tune.

More info on the battery of the QH can be found here. I didn't know, so hoping this helps others. DD thanks for the schooling!:p