View Full Version : 10 Things I learned at the Street Machine Nationals

06-29-2014, 07:09 PM
Here goes my list:

1 Kurt Sunday is a lightwieght drinker
2 Chris Wise is a Hell of a bartender
3 Bug spray will not prevent you from hitting bugs if sprayed on the front of youre car (Even if you are intoxicated)
4 Camping at the fairgrounds is 10x better than staying in a hotel because the post show campground party is wild!
5 Captain Kangaroo can drink with the best of them and is a funny ~~~ when he gets drunk!
6 Kurt Sundays socks and shirts really get a camp fire going!
7 David Clark's Testicals are MIA
8 David Clark can't backup a trailer! OR read a gas guage
9 Chris Gates is a hell of a BBQ man (Wise isn't too shabby around the grill himself)
10 Anthony Arnold REALLY likes Kurt sunday...

Ten Items aren't enough LOL

11 Kurt Sunday likes to drunk dial people
12 Kurt SUnday likes to drunk order parts from Evanoff for OTHER people
13 Staying awake for 2 days and drinking massive ammounts of alcohol is a little rough
14 If you try to take a nap in youre car becase people keep waking you up Said people will set youre car alarm off
15 Pickup Truck swimming pools are cool
16 Having an SC that you don't have to work on makes for a much better road trip!