View Full Version : Sychronizer shaft gear....

11-16-2002, 02:29 PM
Does anyone know if the drive gear comes off of the shaft that drives the cam-sensor-shuttor(synchronizer?) Is it like the old n/a distributar drive shaft where it has a roll pin holding it in, and if it is, can I use a n/a drive gear to replace the one on my car? I know I can get the cam gear separatly from Ford, but not the gear for the synchronizer, they want 255 bucks for the damn thing!
The car is doing some wierd ****, so I checked the cam sensor signal on my scope and came out with a choppy pattern, after taking the sensor off, I noticed that the shuttor had a travel of about 30-50 thousandths back and forth. Makes sense, since the pattern I showed, had breaks that corresponded with cylinder fire. Has anyone ever had this problem before?
'93 Mk8 base w/4.10 - 14.92 @ 94 mph
'89 Cougar XR7 5sp - ?