View Full Version : Engine temperature shows high, perhaps the solution

08-02-2014, 08:27 AM
By chance i discovered that when i would change the upper radiator hose that was empty,
I mounted where the new house to the radiator side, bolted off the bleeder screw at the thermostat housing,
fitted it with a funnel that would fit into the hole for the bleeder screw
lifted the radiator hose end to be mounted on engine side ,high, filled the coolant slowly, until it rises up into funnel
and start running out of the tube on the engine , install the hose end of the engine tube
now you can pump on the upper radiator hose and see all the air left comes out
remove the funnel,reinstall the bleeder screw

test drive
for me it showed normal temperatur at last!!! when driving
i may add that i have aired on the bleeder screw before, but apparently stops air remaining in the upper radiator hose



feels good:rolleyes:
whit gretings Per Hagstrom Stockholm Sweden