View Full Version : How Bad Have You Been DRILLED by UPS Ground?

Les Borda
08-07-2014, 03:31 PM
I HATE these guys, they stick it to you huge for ground transport from the USA because it hits their brokerage warehouse in Fort Erie, once it is there the Customs boys come along and go....."oh look we can stick it to this guy HUGE on the HST taxes. Then UPS says lets see it has a declared value of THIS much, of course it does, it's insured in case you bozo's lose it, then we can charge THIS much for running it in one door of the warehouse and out the other.

When I was ordering Cougar stuff and whined about the brokerage fees, the UPS guy said IF you use UPS Air (and I don;t know how much more expensive that is) it goes through either Toronto or Montreal airport, it;s not handled by UPS so no brokerage fees. Taxes, well that is a crap shoot Customs may stick it to us they may not.

(BTW this is not 20-30-40 dollar items, it was hundreds)

Done venting :D

One short story, McNeill orders this shyte hot cam from someone, may have been Dr Dave I don't recall, they boned him on brokerage fees and taxes, he was livid LOL

08-07-2014, 04:40 PM
I always ask for USPS shipping.

It takes a couple of extra days but there have been occasions where no extra's will applied.


Les Borda
08-07-2014, 04:59 PM
Usually I get things USPS Paul but maybe the box was too big I don't know. It's all done now but the crying LOL or I should say my sons crying when I tell him what Dad paid to UPS, it was outrageous.

08-07-2014, 05:02 PM
USPS all the way if time is not critical. Biggest problem I had with UPS was I am not home when they try to deliver. No local place to drop it for a pick up. Three tries and they return to sender.
Spent a half hour on the phone before I got a human being to re-route to my work.
Don't use them if there are ANY other options.

Jason Wild
08-08-2014, 05:12 PM
Had a bill from them for around 260 called them to send it back. Was asked why I told them why and said I will pay the tax but not your fees and the guy told me he could make that happen.

08-08-2014, 05:56 PM
UPS can suck my you-know-what. They've raped me on fees too many times. I deliberately avoid them and in fact if UPS is the only shipping option with some companies, I will not buy from them.

Typically I use USPS or FedEx, only in extreme cases (re: rare, very hard-to-find stuff) do I even consider UPS. It's too bad, because of their frickin' legal extortion tactic, I will never use them to ship anything anywhere. Don't they understand they are probably losing business from this? ~~~~ers.

...the UPS guy said IF you use UPS Air (and I don;t know how much more expensive that is) it goes through either Toronto or Montreal airport, it;s not handled by UPS so no brokerage fees. Taxes, well that is a crap shoot Customs may stick it to us they may not....

I don't think that's entirely correct. The inflated prices include brokerage up-front. The fees are there, but they're included in the UPS charge when you ship the package. That's been my understanding. However, a package that might cost $40 to ship UPS ground to Canada can be $100+ using the faster air option.

08-08-2014, 06:13 PM
I've also found that a lot of heavy items may have shipping built in within the States.

Cross the border and they reopen the calculator and load the total freight back in with no credit for the percentage already factored in.

When I'm moving multiple items I use my PO Box in Niagara Falls.

It's gotten to the point that when they run the plates, even though declared they send me on my way.

It sometimes pays to be a frequent river crosser. (and my NF sub shop is unmatched in TO not to mention the fresh tank of gas)


Les Borda
08-09-2014, 05:46 AM
I would not be surprised that UPS builds in their damned brokerage fees into the ship by air cost.

Atta boy Jason !!!!! I'm surprised they went for that (taking off their fees).

I can see being F'd for the HST if the price tag is big enough even Canada Post will collect for Province and charge you a $10 fee for collection. Frickin province should pay for that not us, it's their damned taxes not ours. Lets see, it's federal and provincial tax revenue and WE pay Canada Post to collect it for you, there is something not quite right with that picture.
This shows just how stupid they can be, just recently I got something and they decided to use their over $20 rule ,( used to be 40 not long ago). The item was $21.95 and I got boned for the HST plus $10 bucks for Canada Post collection fee. I just don;t get it between my e-cig stuff and car stuff in the last year I must have received at least 30-35 parcels over $20 and I get dinged ONE time , the rest slid through.

This package had a cdn value of $900, the UPS brokerage fee was $84.95 plus HST!!!!!!!!

Does FedEx not do this kind of thing, I mean the brokerage fees, can;t avoid the HST once they tag your butt.

08-09-2014, 08:18 AM
I don't experience your end of it, but I will tell you that for shipping things to Canada from the US, UPS is way cheaper than either FedEx or USPS. I shipped a clutch pedal to someone in Canada not that long ago, and UPS shipping was around $40, FedEx was $70, and USPS was over $80, all for ground shipment. When I shipped it, they did say that the buyer would have to pay taxes on it, but there was no mention of any other fees. I also had the same issue shipping a stock SC radiator to Canada a couple years ago. I don't remember the exact prices on that, but again UPS was way cheaper, and they told me up front that the buyer would need to pay taxes, but no mention of any fees.

Les Borda
08-09-2014, 11:21 AM
The person that sent the big dollar value package knows about the taxes here too and has shipped quite a lot of items via UPS, he also had no idea about their brokerage fees. It seems they fail to mention that to the shippers. You are right though about the cost of ground shipping with UPS vs the post office on both sides of the border.

08-09-2014, 01:17 PM
FedEx does charge brokerage or handling fees, but they're lower. Not to mention they ship things a lot faster even using Ground. When I ship to the US I only use Canada Post / USPS or FedEx, FedEx usually gets a package anywhere within 5 business days.

Greg Coleman
08-11-2014, 08:17 PM
i use purolator over night air to ship to the states only because my friend works for them and i get 75% off. Now as far as using ups to get things to me i wouldnt use UPS if you held a gun to my head.My azz is still soar from 15 20 years ago when i had thousands of dollars worth of stuff delivered to me.I have had many deallings with them and they are theives!!!!!!!!

08-11-2014, 08:35 PM
Their reporting a 2 Billion dollar loss.

They've seen how deep our pocket are, now it's there turn.:D


Ryan A Harris
08-19-2014, 12:00 PM
In my thousands of dealing in shipping in & out of our country, I only use Canada post. Never have paid any more than what I was told. Never had drop off issues, never had damage or late deliveries. Or at least haven't been told of them. Now USPS I have to use ship out of the US, but still the best lest amounts of trouble. I have cancelled orders over the company not willing to use some sort of other shipping method or my choice of courier.

08-20-2014, 02:32 PM
I had a big package shipped to my US PO box last week.

Last year I went down with another member heading to DD's.

The first car cleared in no time.

I ended up in a sparing match with another agent brought out to oversee things.

I heard after the fact that 2 similar cars are typically used to move drugs with one being the decoy.

Fast forward to Monday.

Pull in waiting for the notes to be reviewed.


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