View Full Version : Can you hook up an intercooler fan without a relay?

08-09-2014, 12:44 PM
I'd searched around on here, but it appears that everybody uses the relay and harness to hook up their intercooler fan. Is it possible to hook the fan up without using the relay and harness? I've been told that it can. I want to run mine all the time to control heak soak. I'm assuming that i'd hook the red wire up to the 12V switched wire at the fuse box, and then the white wire to the ground at the fuse box?

08-09-2014, 01:01 PM
You could, if you make sure the wiring and current can support any load the IC fan may be on them, and you don't add a crippling load to another circuit.

Where do you intend to get power when key is on without adding the load to another circuit? The 12v switched is already handling other loads, so by using a relay, you can avoid taxing it and perhaps creating other issues for devices etc. there.

I'd politely push you to use a relay and do the other circuits a favor in the process.

08-09-2014, 02:10 PM
That is good advice. All the research I have done suggests using a relay.

08-09-2014, 03:24 PM
You can..., just like you can run without fuses.

It not worth the less than $10 for a relay not to do it.

Though the simplest/cheapest way is power straight from battery and run ground to the OEM oil pressure sending unit. Fan will come on with starter and stay on as long as engine is running.

08-09-2014, 03:58 PM
Is it possible to hook the fan up without using the relay and harness? I've been told that it can. :eek::eek:
that trick has been known to burnup many fuse boxes/harnesses, potentially setting the car on fire.:eek::eek:

Your best bet is to use a relay and be safe. You can still connect it so it come on with the ignition. The sole purpose of a relay is to allow use of a high load item on a low load circuit.

08-09-2014, 10:46 PM
I was just checking, because a reputable SC parts seller that sells the fan told me that he doesn't sell the kit because it's not needed......yet everything on this site always seems to point to using the relay and switch kit. I won't mention who this is, but you can probably figure it out from the SC parts guys that sell the fan but not the kit on their site. :D