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09-07-2014, 01:51 AM
I bought a new slave cylinder at O'Rielly Autoparts. It has a different clip to hold in the clutch lne. It says it will work fine wiht the stock FORD clutch line but mine won't push in far enough to engage the clip.
Anyone have advice or information. This is the first time I've work with this quick connect type of clutch line.

Les Borda
09-08-2014, 04:45 PM
Kind of odd, usually the PIA is getting the hydraulic line off the slave even with the tool. I assume you have your old slave and could connect the line and remove it if you wish?

Try it. Then have a go at your current slave and give it a good hard push, I have no idea why it is not connecting. Make sure there is nothing shoved inside it like a plastic plug to keep moisture out till used or something like that.

09-09-2014, 12:02 AM
I just did this repair in my sc, ended up replace the new connector with the red old one. just remove the pin where the connector meets on the new/old slave and swap them. This new connector is for the ranger/f-150 setups and unless you get a new clutch hose, it wont work.

Mike Puckett
09-09-2014, 09:57 AM
Loosen the bleed fitting slightly and it'll go in. They are prefilled with fluid and it keeps the fitting from going in all the way.

09-09-2014, 10:47 AM
oo good info, subscribing

09-17-2014, 02:35 AM
I called the manufacturer. they said as stated above loosen the bleeder valve #1. If that didn't work remove the plastic sleeve/bushing, #2. Well number 2 worked. Don't worry because in that new system I will have to remove the clip. The sleeve was preventing the clip from seating. Don't do this if you still have the original style because the plastic sleeve helps remove the line.
Thanks for the information. I may try to return to the original style later. Anybody working on it will be expecting that. I would never see the clip if I didn't know it was there. And I might forget at a later date and it cause me all kinds of frustration. I'm just getting to that age:o