View Full Version : Time for Tapatalk support?

09-25-2014, 03:41 PM
A convo going on over at the Facebook site seems to indicate there would be value if www.sccoa.com/forums supported Tapatalk. Would that be hard to add to the web site?

Pat DiPersia
10-02-2014, 09:37 AM
I've looked into it, but honestly, there was never much interest to warrant the time. You're the second person I know of to ask for this. Can you direct me to the FB post about it?

10-03-2014, 08:24 AM
It was on the supercoupe site. Trying to find posts in the stream is useless otherwise I would have included it. That's one of the reasons why Facebook is kind of useless.

The vocal users of SCCoA may not see a need for something like that but the lurkers and the more casual users may find something like tapatalk support useful. If it can help get people to stop using Facebook for posting problems about their SC and get them to the website, all the better.

Pat DiPersia
10-03-2014, 04:21 PM
Mike - I agree. It's just a matter of prioritizing it. The more people interested, the higher it goes on the list. Right now the list is a bit long on what we WANT to do around here. . .