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10-05-2014, 11:28 PM
I actually joined this forum a few years back when I purchased a 93 SC. Life got in the way and it ended up parked for three plus years. I drug it out this year to start on restoring it, and while looking on Craiglist for some wheels, I came across a 94 SC for sale. From the listing, it already had much of the work done I was considering for the 93, so I decided to check it out.


The car supposedly came from California, purchased there by the previous owner, who was either an idiot, or shall we say, less than truthful. I lean toward the idiot side. Needless to say, I suspect little or none of the work done on the car was from his efforts, with the possible exception of two tires and a transmission. I could tell there were some issues, but he came down $1,000 on the car, so I went ahead and picked it up.


I'm hoping there is an outside chance someone recognizes the car and perhaps provide a bit of history. Below is a list of mods supposedly done to the car.

17" wheels and tires. (obvious)

Eihbach lowering kit. (confirmed)

Tokico shocks. (confirmed)

Upgraded rear sway bar/Addco. (confirmed)

Ford Explorer rear end and customer drive shaft. (confirmed, in at least that something has been done)

Mark VIII brake swap. (they are larger than stock, so assume this is true)

HID light upgrade. In fact it appears about every damn light in the car was changed out for LED.

Decent stereo. Power Acoustic head unit/DVD with JBL and MTX amps and a 12 inch sub.

B&M 2500 rpm stall converter. (False) This may have been true at one time, as there is a B&M control switch in the cabin, but when I took it to the shop ( it was slipping) the mechanic said the transmission was a Ford rebuilt and had a stock converter.

Supercharger had been removed was rebuilt/ported and polished by a shop in California. (unconfirmed) I can tell it has been off the engine, but short of pulling it apart, I see no way to confirm it. The intake/head gaskets were also supposedly replaced, which I suspect is true. Somebody pulled it apart for some reason at least.

Griffin radiator and high volume cooling fan. (confirmed)

New paint, originally Teal

Tinted windows

Front seats replaced with 6 way power seats from an Explorers. Who ever did it, did a good job (and I seriously doubt it was the guy I bought it from). They look like they belong there and are fully functional.

Pulley swap (unconfirmed) with Gatorback belts (confirmed)

Upgraded harmonic balancer (confirmed)


Since I've had the car:

Complete transmission rebuild by certified Ford mechanic.

Intake from SCP. It still had the stock intake with a K&N filter.

Livewire plug wires from SCP

Screaming Demon coil from SCP

Motorcraft platinum plugs (my god is the rear plug on the passenger side a bitch!)

New IAC valve. I was going to try cleaning it, but threw in the towel quickly.

Complete flush and refill of all fluids.

Two new Goodyear's for the front. Rear were near new.

Rear wheel bearings replaced. Drivers side rear was on its way out so replaced both of them. Strange that the rear wheel bearing went out.

Had to pull the harmonic balancer as the CPS gear was loose and rattling. I though it was one of the tensioner pulleys making the noise, but it was still there after I swapped them all out. Took awhile to figure out where it was coming from. Put it back together with some locktite and cursed the person who didn't do that when they swapped the balancer.


It appears the MAF and throttle body are stock, which seems strange with all the other mods.

Still has the restrictive California exhaust (another reason I know this guy never did much more than drive and clean it). That will be resolved in the next couple of weeks.


The car runs strong, definitely more pep than factory and would eat my 93's lunch in every department. It drives and handles beautifully and everything works as it should, including the ARC. The previous owner did do a good job on keeping it clean at least. A/C blows cold after adding a can of 134. I'm in Oklahoma, so A/C is a MUST. Now that the bugs are out of it, it's a blast to drive, and I drive it more than I should, LOL.

Always loved the SC's and nice to have one about where I want it. My poor 93 now becomes a "late" winter/"early" spring project, right after my old Supra MKII comes back from the grave.


10-05-2014, 11:46 PM
car looks real nice. congrats!

10-06-2014, 11:08 AM
Wow, that is indeed a sharp looking car! Congratulations!;)

10-06-2014, 12:45 PM
Sure is nice! :cool:

You should post a picture of the seats! I'm putting some Mark VIII seats into my wife's SC and the wiring is a pain (FULL power, including tilt, memory settings, etc)

Kurt Sunday
10-06-2014, 02:40 PM
Welcome back Chris!! I look forward to seeing you at the Shootout!

10-26-2014, 09:48 AM
That is a really nice and clean looking SC! Good luck with it, love to see seat pics too!