View Full Version : 2014 SC Shootout Racing results and times....

10-20-2014, 12:58 PM
Racing Results:

Track Champion:
Jeff Bratton #45
R/U - William Younce #48

1st place - Brian Oatway #25

Elite Street:
1st place - David Neibert #23

Mod - 2:
1st Place - Kurt Kreiz #18
2nd Place - Scott Bruhn #5

Mod - 1:
1st Place - William Younce #48
2nd Place - Randy Hunerkoch #13

Bracket ET:
1st Place - Jeff Bratton #45
2nd Place - Danielle Haub #46

Attached to this is an excel spreadsheet of the times I had from the track. If you have anything that is faster or different please let me know. I have also updated the SC Shootout top-list. There were 14 moves or additions. I am going to wait about a week before having Pat update the changes in case anyone ran a better time that I had in my master print.

Thanks everyone for the great cooperation during the event and I'm looking forward to next year.