View Full Version : FS: 94 T-Bird LX 4.6 ... good winter beater for someone

fast Ed
11-09-2014, 11:36 AM
Hey guys, I'm trying to move along the LX Bird that I picked up last year when I was looking at changing jobs, and wasn't sure if I would be getting a work vehicle again or not. I did, so this car has been sitting, and should go to someone who can put it to use. It was bought through a friend that I've known for 15 years, it was his uncle's car. The car was sold at Fines Ford in Bolton where I used to work, I know the original owner as well, he is a Caledon detachment OPP officer who is a car enthusiast, this was his D.D.

So it's a 94 LX 4.6 with about 280,000 km, but it runs well and has had a Ford reman. transmission installed at some point along the way. Just a basic car with power windows, locks, and A/C, grey cloth interior. Rocker panels and the underbody are in very good shape on this car, doesn't have the usual MN12 crunchy rockers. It needed upper ball joints, so the arms have been changed, and it had the typical cracked coil springs, so thinking that I would be keeping the car I actually spent the money for Vogtland 3/4" drop springs and Tokico shocks, rather than just getting generic aftermarket front shocks with the springs pre-installed.

The car is still at my friend's shop in Bolton, we need to get a flat tire fixed up (and find the keys or get the spare set from his uncle!!) before the car is ready to be viewed. It has Michelin all-seasons on the stock 15" wheels, negotiable in the deal is a set of brand new General Altimax Arctic winter tires on SC wheels. Please send me a p.m. if interested, or call or text me at 647-226-9107. Hoping to not have to put this on kijiji ... apologies for the crappy cell pics, still using an old version iPhone! Asking price is $1200, or $1600 with the extra wheels and winter boots. Car passed the e-test last year no problem, and was safetied at that point.


http://i419.photobucket.com/albums/pp278/fastEdVW/Misc%20photos/94%20T-Bird/IMG_0466.jpg (http://s419.photobucket.com/user/fastEdVW/media/Misc%20photos/94%20T-Bird/IMG_0466.jpg.html)

http://i419.photobucket.com/albums/pp278/fastEdVW/Misc%20photos/94%20T-Bird/IMG_0467.jpg (http://s419.photobucket.com/user/fastEdVW/media/Misc%20photos/94%20T-Bird/IMG_0467.jpg.html)

http://i419.photobucket.com/albums/pp278/fastEdVW/Misc%20photos/94%20T-Bird/photo4.jpg (http://s419.photobucket.com/user/fastEdVW/media/Misc%20photos/94%20T-Bird/photo4.jpg.html)