View Full Version : New owner of a 90 XR-7 and need some help

12-10-2014, 09:21 PM
Just became an SC convert this year so I've just got very primitive knowledge about them. I just purchased a 90 XR-7 (5-spd w/ about 100k miles on body) and from what I've seen as I've looked around on this forum, it's having some of the usual issues. Was wondering what I'm looking at price-wise, parts-wise, and time-wise on getting each issue resolved. Could use whatever help you all can provide as I'm a total noob.

Odometer not working
Tach moves but goes crazy on acceleration
Fuel gauge not working
Turn signals come on but don't blink

I have a code reader that came with the car but haven't had a chance to run it yet. Previous owner gave me some tips on fixing each issue but I am in need of more specific help. Thanks