View Full Version : Engine Power Out and No Start - Problem Solved

04-23-2015, 02:22 PM
Hey guys,

I wanted to post this as an FYI. I started having an issue with my sc last summer. It started with the car "powering down" under hard acceleration for lack of a better term. I would start to pull and then acted like it wanted to stall. At first it was just in the very upper rpm's but then it kept doing it sooner and sooner in the rpm band until I could only lean on the motor without causing this issue. Sometimes when it did this it would run like it was out of gas for 5 or 10 minutes before it got back to normal. I kept scanning it for codes and nothing. I came to the conclusion it was the fuel pump and so I purchased an aeromotive 340 pump intending to do a swap this summer.

It finally stalled when the weather got cold and I could not get it started at all. I tried the usual electrical fixes, DIS, coil, cam and crank sensors, thinking this was a new issue. I could not get it running so my brothers and I pushed it onto the driveway for the winter. Normally I park it in one of our garages at our houses in the other end of the city. I tried to start it several times over the winter to keep the fluids moving. BIG MISTAKE. I went out for ~~~~ and giggles on Monday to give it a start attempt and it fires up and runs but very crappy. Barely idling with white acrid smoke coming from the exhaust. I shut it off and my brother pulls the dipstick and says whoa it smells like gas. I look and notice it is like two times higher up the dipstick. I dumped the oil and get 11 litres in the drain pan instead of 5. I put in 5 litres of Castrol and a Lucas stabilizer and fire it up.

No more smoke but the car still runs like crap. After a minute or so, the check engine light comes on. I am thinking finally. I get the scanner out and get a 157 and 212. I check the MAF sensor and was shocked to see it wrecked. One of the towers was twisted off to the side and the wire was broken off. I replaced the sensor and the car starts and runs perfect. No more powering down either. So that was the cause of all the engine issues. It must have somehow been damaged and then got progressively worse.

Anyone ever seen this?