View Full Version : Over valve cover coolant tubes

05-22-2015, 10:26 PM
I am at a point of utter frustration. For the second time I have had the cover over the nipple on the passenger side valve cover coolant tubes get blown through and cause a huge coolant leak. Yesterday's was on the interstate in the dark and I did not catch it as soon as I should have. I think this is the throttle body coolant tap in. Since I run an aftermarket TB I do not need it. It has been suggested before to loop it around. I have been all over that side of the car lately and do not find a piece to do this too. So my question is what have you done to seal off this point? Epoxy the hole closed? Remove hard line for hose? Any other suggestions or insight is appreciated. Thankfully the engine doesn't seem to have been damaged but I can't enjoy this car until this issue is resolved. It ran almost perfectly up to that point.

05-23-2015, 02:24 PM
The hose to the t-body comes around the back of the engine, then up to t-body, on the front side of the t-body is the outlet nipple, which connects to the pass side hard coolant tube (after rereading your post, I have the flow direction backwards, does not change the "jumper" line). A small hose between the 2 lines, routed under the t-body is the "loop" described. I have several extra hard coolant tubes lying around, and I believe the next time I have one down far enough, I am gonna try welding up the small coolant line openings.