View Full Version : New SC owner from Carol Stream Illinois in need of technical help

05-23-2015, 02:56 AM
Thanks guys for accepting me into the site. I just bought my first bird, and long story short, 8 minutes after I purchased the car, it got rear ended.. The good news, it still drives just fine, mainly cosmetic stuff however the insurance totaled it. I am on my own putting it back together, and while the car is a 94, I hate to limit my search to only 94 parts when I know multiple years will fit. For example, I know the tail lights have differences, but will fit many years. I am in need of a rear bumper and a trunk. Does anyone have, or can lead me to soomething that explains what years fit what in way of body rear exterior. I saw lots of 89-93 bumpers, and while it looks slightly different, will it fit my 94? same with the trunk lid. They look close, but again, I am eyeballing this from a tiny 2 dimensional pic. any assistance would be greatly appreciated. if it helps, I am an old Dodge Tech, and Chevy guy, so when I get this bird up to snuff, i'd like to take down a few Bowties. This car handles better than any GM Ive ever driven! Again, any info would help!


05-23-2015, 03:20 AM
94 and 95 are almost identical as far as cosmetic parts go. The trunk lid will be the same from 94-97 and I think in that in reality the 89-97 trunk lid will fit. In some cases you can find solid red tail lights on 96 and 97 LX models.

05-23-2015, 11:20 AM
Yes the 89-93 rear bumper will bolt onto your car, but is a less desirable piece than the 94/95 style, so I would try to look for the right one. For the trunk lid, 93 was the change-over year, so look for one off any 93-97 tbird. The tail lights, 92+ is what you want. 92-95 SCs and 96/97 LX birds have all red tail lights. 92-95 LX tbirds had a black stripe along the bottom of the tail lights. Either one will work, but you really want them all to match. As far as using an earlier trunk lid or tail lights, again they will physically bolt on, but the earlier style is less desirable due to the center piece is only a reflector and the newer ones have LED lights in them. You will need to match the lights to the trunklid though, so if you go with an 89-91 trunk lid, you will also need all the back lights to be from an 89-91, and if you go with the 92+ trunklid, you will need 92+ lights.

05-23-2015, 11:48 AM
excellent guys, i appreciate the insight. i was given a trunk lid comlete with lights last night, but its off an earlier year...i willput it on for now, and then i can look for the correct one leisurely. the bumper i have some time on, so i can delay that for the right part on your advice. i just want to get that decklid on and trunk sealed up and locking again! Thanks again guys...