View Full Version : Supercharger rebuildable or not?

05-26-2015, 07:09 PM
Juts received the supercharger today. I knew it needed to rebuild, but a closer look at the case makes me wonder if it was even worth it. Can all the grooves in the casing and rotor bee polished out or I'm worry for nothing?

see pictures.


05-26-2015, 10:33 PM
Hard to tell on back end, too dark. You can find all the bearings as a pack on eBay. Yeah, it looks ok. Hard to tell from pics what happened, try using a flash and see if the pic comes out better. Did it just gall the back of the case cause the rotors weren't pressed all the way in, or did a bearing let go? Put bearings in it if you have to put it back together and make sure the clearence between the rotors and the back of the case is .012".

I just did this on mine. The driven rotor wasn't pressed all the way in, and when it heated up, it expanded gauling the case. I took the high spots off the case with 80 grit sand paper, and it looked like Magnum Powers did the same to the rotor. It was questionable putting it back together but I was going to the track no matter what. Well, it worked fine!