View Full Version : Hesitation wot. And lack of rpm gauge ??

05-28-2015, 03:29 PM
Hey guys.
Less then 10000kms on block. Scorpion rockers. Comp. cam fmic 42 larger maf and Tb. Jack shaft and raised top for charger, headers etc etc
Having Dave d do a act chip for me now.
However my Tach keep dying pops up from time to time.
And at wot car slows down if i let off it picks up. Id say I loss 30 percent power.

I do not have a wide band on this and it's never been programmed. Running stock ecu

Any ideas on either ?

05-28-2015, 04:21 PM
What year? Could be the dis and or cam sensor...probably the dis though

David Neibert
05-28-2015, 04:22 PM
Cam Position Sensor can cause those problems, but will generally throw a check engine light and code 214. A bad plug or spark plug wire can also cause similar issues.


05-28-2015, 04:24 PM
However my Tach keep dying pops up from time to time.

Normally, if just one thing at fault, that indicates the cam sensor, I think. In my case, tho...my SC had that issue when I first got it. Took a fresh harness, new grounds and a cam sensor before it stopped happening.

Did you check for codes?

05-29-2015, 12:26 PM
So I swapped out the dis and fixed the rpm gauge the wot is a bit better however it still hesitates a bit as in half throttle no worries. Hmm
Thanks guys

05-30-2015, 12:14 AM
So back to wot lack of response. If I go 3/4 on gas pedal it's all good full wot it lacks in power. I did use a used dis. Perhaps !!! New
I have new plugs and good wires

Anyone. Can sensor ? Cool pack ?

05-30-2015, 04:59 AM
Maybe because you don't have a tune yet it's pulling a lot of timing at wot because of detonation? Not sure.

Are you getting any codes if you do koeo or koer? Maybe tps? Don't know if that would cause it or not.

05-30-2015, 07:58 AM
if your plugs are gapped incorrectly (too wide) boost can blow out the spark. I guess a bad plug to do it as well. I had that problem once with a new set of plugs.