View Full Version : Shopping for a New Fire Suit

06-16-2015, 11:21 AM
I just received my stipend check for coaching a HS Softball team and the $$ are burning a hole in my pocket. With the car now running in the 9s (well once anyway) I need to up my safety equipment game which means all new fire suit, helmet, neck brace, gloves, shoes.

Since I am pear shaped NOTHING fits me well off the shelf so I am going to order a custom trailered suit surprisingly they are not a ton more money. There are a whole bunch of options on these things and since I've never purchased one and don't even know anybody who has I have a bunch of questions about options:

1. I'm leaning towards a 2-piece suit so I can wear the pants all day but remove the jacket to stay cooler. I am 6'-0" and 260lbs generally speaking I need a belt to keep pants from sagging since I have no "hips" per se, will I have a problem keeping the 2-piece pants from riding down or can the waste be made snug enough?

2. 360deg shoulder gussets: these are relief pocket in the shoulder joint, seems like a good idea, are they something people find they really like.

3. Quilting: quilted stitches over the entire suit, is this purely decorative or does it serve a purpose, perhaps to keep the layers from shifting around?

4. Boot leg cuff: this is where the knit cuff is up inside the leg above the shoe and the pant leg extends down over the boot. Again seems like a good idea but I really don't know.

5. Built in arm restraints: I'm not in an open cockpit, are these still a good idea?

6. Velcro neck collar or not: is one option more comfortable than others?

7. Is there a certification level between SFI 3.2/5 and 3.2/15 I might be willing to upgrade slightly beyond the /5 that Iím required to have but the /15 stuff if out of my price range.

8. Any other functional options you guys like that I should consider?