View Full Version : First time at the track in my 93

06-17-2015, 08:04 PM
So I decided to hit the track tonight to make a few passes and see how it went (check my garage for mods.) Kinda disappointed although I wasn't expecting anything uber fast. Best result was 13.89 @ 102.5 on a 2.1 60', crossing the traps at about 5400 at the top of third gear. I tried one run short shifting into fourth just for giggles but it was basically identical if not slower that way. I've been down that track numerous times over the years so I feel pretty confident the car doesn't have much more in it (all things being equal) short nailing the launch and getting the 60 down, but I'm more concerned about trap speed anyway.

Trap speed was identical in all my passes so it seems "dialed in" in that respect. It was also fairly warm (around 80 degrees, probably warmer on the track) and I hit the track immediately after driving there so no doubt it was pretty warm under the hood, but I wanted to run it that way since that's how it runs on the street anyway.

The biggest Achilles' heel seems to be those 2.73 gears. I bet with 3.27s it would let me run in fourth and probably cut ETs a good bit. Anyone know roughly what kind of results to expect going from 2.73 to 3.27s in a modded 5-speed?

Lastly I have to give props to the stock-size Sumitomo HTR Zs I have on it, they hooked wayyy better than I thought they would.

XR7 Dave
06-18-2015, 08:50 AM
My best when at your power level was 13.2 @ 103 so you aren't that far off. The biggest difference is that I had 3.55 gears and bias ply ET STreets. 3.27's aren't ideal because you will be at barely 4300rpm at the finish line meaning that you'll be trapping way off of peak HP. Since your car makes moderate torque (due to comparatively low boost), you want to spend more time closer to peak HP.

The other thing is your 60ft. You should 60ft around 1.75-1.8 which means there are literally .3 seconds right there, which could also translate into another couple .1's on the top end too. I think 13.20's are in reach but it will take some finesse to get there. You'll have to launch at around 3000rpm to get there, so clearly street tires and drag radials are out.

You'll also want to play with shift points a little too. The 2-3 drop is pretty severe so I tend to wind out 2nd a little more than you might first think you should so it doesn't lug in 3rd.

06-18-2015, 06:31 PM
You're right, I should be thinking in context of ETs in relation to 60' times. There's enough room there that the car would clearly run way faster (probably down into the 13.30s or 13.20s, like you said) so that's not bad at all.

In any case I have to hand it to the car, it took multiple passes in a row with total consistency, ran nice and cool, hooked well (again, considering the tires,) stopped awesome when shutting it down, and basically just zero drama whatsoever. I literally never got out of my car once, haha, just rolled into tech inspection, straight to the staging lanes, made my passes, then drove home. You have to give the car (and the guy who built it ;) ) some credit for that.