View Full Version : Skip's Mega Cruise Night - July 25

06-18-2015, 08:41 AM
Skip's Hamburger Shack in Merrimac, MA will be hosting their Mega Cruise night July 25 from 2-9PM. There will be something like 600+ cars at the event. I think it might be a couple $'s to drive in. There's food, music and prizes. You can check it out on their FB page - www.facebook.com/SkipsSnackBar .

I plan on bringing my XR7, which, thanks to Meguiars, looks like a shiny new penny now. Anybody interested in going to this event, let me know. Being that I live in Merrimac I could host a meeting spot so we could roll in together. PM me and we can exchange information.

Their are also "normal" cruise nights on alternate dates. If anybody plans on attending those let me know and I'll check my availability.

07-08-2015, 09:10 PM
Alright, still hoping there might be interest but I'll represent for us.

07-09-2015, 09:25 AM
I wish my junk was back together.....I haven't been able to do anything with it this summer

07-10-2015, 10:34 AM
Not many people up in my neck of the woods. No biggie. I'll be joined by some friends and family with assorted vehicles.

09-24-2016, 08:44 AM
Skips in Merrimac, ma, 2-7pm. Last one of the year. I'll be there with my red xr7.