View Full Version : 89 TBird SC, WHITE/TAN Leather, AOD

07-29-2015, 10:47 PM
Kansas City, MO - Straight body, other than a friend's idiot gf backed into the air dam with a truck's trailer hitch. It's a cosmetic issue, otherwise fine. The blower leaked, and the torque converter went south right after I bought it, and I had them both replaced, NEW blower by a local MN12 enthusiast/mechanic/racer. I can't remember now who/where...Platte Woods, MO (?) The original brake system is FINE. She got a radiator, Rebuild of the engine, figured I might as well have it done while they had it out when the head gasket blew, however...they did not reconnect the tranny checking the pressure, and it acted up. I had Ford check it, and they're ignorant...so Cottman sent the tranny back to Jasper for complete reman (planetary gear had exploded) and then reinstalled it, properly. It was fine, ran great and I got 500 mi on the engine and tranny. I replaced the Fuel pump and some sensors (codes), it seemed fuel starved - ...otherwise it's original, incl. wheels. Needs all seats recovered, and front seat motors. It started, but wouldn't stay running...it was getting fuel to the valve, don't know if it's an inadequate pressure issue or not, it was getting fire. Could be a simple fix. :confused: I have spare DIS, EEC, and Shock Actuators (that it doesn't need) for it, from a member here. I just can't do it anymore.

I'm a disabled Vietnam Vet, Submariner, was a motorhead, and freelance motorcycle healer...this car spoke to me. I reluctantly had it for sale due to illness, when I felt better got the parts, and thought I could manage to do the work it needed...then, I got MUCH sicker. I simply can't work on it at all, or anything else. I can barely walk due to old spinal injuries, Neuropathy in all my limbs, and NOW several aortic aneurysms, so doc's orders - I'm done working on cars...can't ride motorcycles or drive anymore. Grrrrr. I can't find the guy that did the blower install, and don't know anyone else in the city (that I can trust) to work on her.

So, if you're interested, shoot me a reply. I won't give her away, but all reasonable offers will be seriously considered. As I say about each motorcycle I've ever let go...they come and they go. She ain't ugly...she IS a lil dirty though :cool: I'll make sure she has a bath, and take pictures. If you want parts, I get it, I really do, but she'll only leave here intact.