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08-02-2015, 04:42 PM
Asking $3,750 but it's negotiable for this original, unmodified 95 SC. Located in Columbus, Georgia

I got it for my college going daughter this spring but after I spruced it up for her she declined to drive it saying, "it's an old T-Bird for school, OMG!" Never mind that its an SC....:rolleyes:

Here are the details. It's a 2 owner '95 SC in Electric Red with Opal Gray Leather interior. Previous owner had it since 1997 and he purchased from the original owner, a retiree. Has been well maintained, all original and they added an external transmission oil cooler long ago. I figured it was an SC needing to be save LOL and have my daughter drive it a few years -- No dice on that.

This car is totally rust free. Most of the time in North Carolina. Drivetrain is solid, new fluids everywhere to include the supercharger oil. Flushed all the coolant and added a 180 thermostat along with an all aluminum new stock size radiator.
I rebuilt the entire front suspension UCA's LCAs, inner and outer tie rods and sway bar links new. Front and rear brake pads are new, fresh 4 wheel alignment, ready for dependable driving with new Yokohama Envigor 225/60R16 tires. See pics for details. A/C works good and I rebuilt the plastic cams on both window motors and both windows go up and down with authority.

Car has every option available in 95 minus the moonroof and the passenger power seat. No roof means no leaks or wind noise in my opinion. Everything works on it except the driver's seat lumbar support bag must have a internal leak. Motor pumps but it does not inflate. Leather is clean all around and the top of the rear seats have been treated and just beginning to pull apart at the seem, but not yet.

Paint is original and the clear coat has not peeled but is visibly thin on some edges and on the C-pillar surfaces. Paint is overall 6.5/10. There are a good many road paint chips but the paint still shines though it has a few sap etchings on the clear coat over the trunk lid. I did repaint both bumpers as the clear coat did peel on them and they had a lot of urethane yellow pits from earlier paint chips that were filled in, primed prior to paint.

I also put a new odometer gear and it now rolls over and reads 123,340 as of today. Judging by the records kept by the previous owners with all the oil changes and other repairs they estimate this car to have about 155-159K miles as best as we could tell from the records and date when the mileage readings on the service records remained constant a couple of years ago.

Engine and transmission run very well and shift points are good, are firm but not too firm. No slippage and all the trans fluid is MerconV now. External oil cooler keeps temps 20 to 30 degrees cooler for sure (see pic for location). Will go to 14 PSI boost, no pinging or weird noises. No CEL and codes come out 1-1-1. Airbag light will flash 35 but only sometimes after the very first start when car is cold.

Mostly a clean, high miles, but an SC with good bones to build up. You can E-mail me at glenn.huber@att.net for more pics or details or see more pics at this link http://cargur.us/4k8WG. You can txt or call at (Seven 0 6), three niner 2 - 096one.

Thanks, glenn

Kurt Sunday
08-03-2015, 10:51 AM
That's a nice looking car!

T-bird Tim
08-19-2015, 07:03 PM
Do you still have this car?

08-19-2015, 10:30 PM
Indeed I do.

It's running great and I am using it as my daily driver to keep it exercised.

Send me a PM if interested per my first post.