View Full Version : 1991 Thunderbird SC auto - 150K - Tokico - TSW

08-22-2015, 09:54 PM
1991 Thunderbird SC
White on Blue
Auto - AOD
150,700 miles

The car is in decent shape, and it can still surprise folks out there, just needs someone with more time, and more skill, to continue the process... or it could be a good donor car. Either way, here's the good and bad...

In the last 5K miles - Front crank seal, water pump, crank sensor, belts, battery, front windshield, odometer gear,

Last 10K - Fuel pump, head gaskets and bolts, valve cover gaskets, radiator, coil, plugs, wires, rear end fluid, trans fluid and filter, supercharger fluid

About 15K ago I did the full Tokico spring and shock kit, irc bushings, brake pads, K&N panel filter
The exhaust is 10 years old but its a full Magnaflow 2-1-2 system, has 2 custom downtubes. Has cats and passed in May. I got it from someone who had the hood flat black but I just wrapped it with a single piece of flat white, looks way better, only has one short seam just above the emblem. Has 17" TSW wheels, not sure the widths but have 245's and 275's on it now.

Not so good:
Front seats and tops of rear seats of course. Does have front seat covers. Needs antenna and driver window regulator soon, tires are just about used up
Sunroof has small leak, I was just going to replace it.
AC needs completely redone. Has a hole in the condenser so I removed the hoses and dryer. I still have them to give but just wanted to replace. Has a rebuilt compressor on it though and I have a complete AC o-ring kit. The auto climate fan is stuck on high so I pulled the fuse. I put in several new speed control units but it keeps popping them. My guess is the main control unit itself. I've got about 4K in it but like I said, I'm passing it on to one with skills. Body is so so, paint looks decent cleaned up, underside is showing some corrosion though, overall 6 - 6 1/2 maybe. I have stock wheels and some extra parts too. Feel free to ask questions or make an offer
Nate B