View Full Version : what are the best street friendly heads available?

08-31-2015, 12:55 PM
when building my motor last winter I opted for stock heads and a mild cam since my budget was tight, and now am regretting it. the car sees the street more than the track, but does see the track quite often. when its all said and done I'd like to see mid to low 11s without totally sucking on the street, right now though only seeing a 13.2 with street tires, slicks might get me a 12.6 or so. car dyno'd 291whp/346wtq and ive modded more since then, its an sc swapped 2000 mustang.

basically what is a good head/cam combo for the street with track usage in mind? I want to autoX it as well and road course race it, so I cant go full blown lopey to all hell with a sloppy idle.

current cam is a 212/218 .520 lift 112*lsa and that's about as aggressive as I want to go hahah
never had ported heads before, do they contribute to a crappy idle?
if I cant have decent idle quality and an 11 second time slip ill grab a bottle of nitrous instead!!

additionally, im still looking for a good used mpx case and plenum, let me know guys!


08-31-2015, 01:18 PM
I guess if you wanted to just hit a number you could get nitrous friendly pistons and a set of h-beam rods and hit it with a 150 shot and run high 11s if youre already at 300hp. That's cool and all if I'm wrong but imo 290-300 is stretching it. Most guys have an mpx with ported heads and bigger valves with 15-20% overdrive to hit the 300 mark.
I'm not a cam expert at all so your best bet would be to email Dave dalke on here but you can't go wrong with ported heads, Chevy LS valves and unshrouding the valves in the combustion chamber.

08-31-2015, 02:59 PM
ive got a lot of other mods as well, mp plenum ported late model on 15% od, big front mount ic, headers, pretty much every bolt on possible. its got wiseco 9:1 pistons, but stock crank and stock 94/95 rods. not sure how much I can go past 350 whp.