View Full Version : 94 black auto any interest

09-19-2015, 12:16 AM
Friend of mine has a 94 auto, its pretty loaded, moonroof etc, its sat for over a year was his moms car she bought it basically brand new from dealer in Milton, original owner bought it and decided after a few weeks was not the type of car he wanted so he traded it in and she bought it. It has I think he said 67,000 kms on it, but has been sitting so I bet it will need work. He is just looking at getting rid of it so Im sure it wont be to bad of a deal. Thought Id see here who might want it.


10-04-2015, 01:10 AM
Shoot me a pm with some info on it.
Thanks man

black V8
10-04-2015, 08:18 AM
I might "want" it but just looked in my yard and it looks like a Ford used car lot. I'm interested in hearing the deets after it has been sold to another member. Late model,low kms,a little work,damn, hope things fall into place for you on this one Drew.
Cheers Tom