View Full Version : Tach 0's and check engine light comes on>>??

11-20-2002, 12:56 AM
Okay, I'm getting a little upset at this car. It Runs great one day and then acts up on me the nextt>>...
Okay so symtoms are:
-Tach 0's itself and check engine light comes on.
-this seems to magically fix itself after awhile of driving, but happens again and again...
-Multiple times trying to start it...sometimes. Other days it starts up right away.
-When it shut down on me one day going to work... it stuttered then died..>?< started up righ away about five minutes later??

What I've done: New DIS(ignition module), New Processor, and changed the Battery Cables. Next is the Cam and Crank Sensors??? I think... or at least that seems to be the common things to change.... And What about this Harmonic Balancer thing?? How common is this problem? Ford told me that it most likely isn't the problem in my case but from what i'm reading on here... I have reason to be scared... I can get a Balancer from Ford for $340.00 CND... but it sounds like a huge job>>:confused:

11-20-2002, 02:53 AM
Check for a broken bolt that holds the harmonic balancer on. If its let go, then the balancer may have worked it's way out and the crank sensor won't read any more.
Cam sensor is a good possibility if the bolt is okay.
Crank sensor is most likely at fault.