View Full Version : 35th anniversary automatic on ebay, went to see it...my thoughts

10-16-2015, 10:02 PM
Howdy all,

I wanted to post some info on this car for sale on ebay. I went to see this car last weekend but decided not to pursue mainly because of the auto trans.

You can check out the link for the basics, but my additions:

*Car is in very decent shape outside, few imperfections here and there but nothing major
*Wheels are in good shape, paint is shiny...looks they were refinished and the right way (meaning silver lip was machined correctly to silver)
*interior is in good shape over all, suede could use a little cleaning to fluff it up but no tears, the only thing I recall was a broken A/C vent in the radio panel
*only options I saw missing were auto dimming mirror, auto lamps/high beams and power antenna.
*suspension is in good shape, drove the car for and didn't notice any clunks, ARC seems to be working properly.
*car was previously owned by SC enthusiast (and you can tell...the car has the silicon IC gaskets)

Over all the car would be a good purchase. Seller told me he would take $5k for the car.

Needless to say, no affiliation to the seller...this are just my thoughts in case anyone is interested.