View Full Version : 1996 Lincoln Mark viii for sale

11-07-2015, 02:00 PM
Hello all,
Iím selling my baby- going to be moving soon- canít take two cars and itís been a project over the last little while but I have to move on!
Hoping to find someone that wants to finish it- not too much to do and a lot of work has been put into the car.
I know it could be parted out and probably sell it all for a lot more then whole- but I would like to see the car on the road.

It is a 1996 Lincoln Mark viii LSC. It has 180k original km and shows on the odometer. It is pearl white. The moonroof works, all interior electronics are working (except for the stereo). All new and replaced lenses front and back- all chrome is nice, no issues. Body is good overall, the paint is peeling at the bottom of the doors though.

Tons of new parts including:
-new battery
-all brake lines
-power steering lines
-transmission cooler lines
-parking brake cables
-new mufflers (exhaust needs to be straightened- guy I bought it off didnít do a very good job but everything is there)
- new thermostat

-jmoded transmission
-lowered coilspring conversion from american air supply (currently it is sitting up about an inch on the rear- I temporarily put spring blocks in to see how much higher it would sit in case I had to make the long drive across the country this winter)
-the gasket has been replaced- oil filter mount
-18Ē cobraís (not the Saleenís itís sitting on in the pics)
-2003 cobra hub swap
-13Ē front rotors, drilled and slotted (not installed)
-11.65Ē rear rotors, drilled and slotted (installed)
-rear calliper relocation bracket (for the bigger brakes)
-nice headliner

It has been sitting for a while- so it has some problems that come with that. It needs a starter. Needs driverís seat skin fixed (I removed it to have a tear repaired, needs that done and put back.
Needs a driverís side rocker panel- someone in the past jacked up on it and put a whole in it. I have a complete replacement cut from another car (inner and outer rock- full length of rocker- wheel to wheel). Iíve taken a look and the floors and inner rocker are good- just needs the outer replaced but I wanted to do it properly so I have the whole thing just in case.

Looking for $2500 obo. I have over $6000 invested in the car as it sits!